About Us

Who are we?
We are a team of two, Mridul Kashatria, a programmer and Mala Sen, an artist. We are creative people and our aim is to create quality original content.
Mala has a masters degree in textile art, you can check out her work on Behance.
Mridul has a degree in computer science, graphic design and has created software products for digital publishing.
Why games?
We believe that the video game is an entertainment medium which combines storytelling, cinematography and interaction to create a wonderful experience.
We started our company Niku Games in 2016 aiming to make small mobile games taking inspirations from real world games people play. As we delved deeper, we found that what inspires us the most is great story telling, art and animation in a game. 
What will it take to make a game which tells a story with art and animation?
We are setting out to answer that question, giving our full time and talent.
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