Welcome to Niku Games. We are a small indie studio based in India and we develop video games.

What games have you made?

We are currently working on The Palace on the Hill, an open-world adventure game where you collect stories, inspirations and create beautiful Indian art inspired paintings.

Sometimes we make experimental games. You can find them on our Itch.io page.

What is your team like?

We are a core team of two people with multiple collaborators.

Mala Sen directs the art and the visual design, you can find her on Twitter. Apart from drawing pixels on screens, much of her work is in-real-life in the form of paintings, large tapestries and giant murals. You can see her work on Behance.

Mridul Kashatria does the programming and game design. His love of using computer programs to animate drawings has led him to the world of game development. He has nothing much on his Twitter, but has a good score on Stack Overflow.

Can I talk to you?

Please do! We are open to talk about our game, and our experience of making the game. You can contact us on Email or on our Discord Channel