Mala has a masters degree in textile art and has made hundreds of square feet of tapestry and mosaic before watching Indie Game the Movie and realising that videos games are also an expression of art. Her favourite game so far is Psychonauts which she has played thrice. Games that inspire her are Fran Bow, INSIDE and Stardew Valley. Also, is a self proclaimed cooking expert & book collector for a future library business.
Mridul is a developer and has worked on a software which ended up being used by thousands of newspaper companies in India. He has always loved animation and has dabbled in Flash games in his teens. He feels most at home driving trucks through deep and lonely forests of Spintires, free roaming in the cities of Midtown Madness and climbing the Pikes Peak in Dirt Rally hundreds of times. Also a passionate handyman, loves to talk about solar power and electric cars but can’t afford these yet.

Thank you!
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