Dear Friends,
Creating convincing mountain slopes and natural ridge formations in the terrain proved a challenge for us. We studied the Himalayan ranges using Google Earth and tried to emulate the mountain patterns using the software World Machine.
Using these as references we were able to create low poly mountains and create an environment through which we laid roads and set up destinations to travel to. We placed bridges wherever it was needed to cross from one mountain range to another and even planned to include a  glacial river system originating from one of the mountains.
For the destinations, we wanted the player to be able to explore and discover small structures and sometimes even larger architectural complexes which lend a spiritual and historical flavour to the environment. We want the player to be able to glimpse these structures from afar and then lose sight of them but still have the ability to reach there feeling a sense of magic and accomplishment when they actually do.
We looked for inspirations in ancient Indian temple and stupa architecture and felt that these lent the perfect flavour to create the feeling of an old otherworldly landscape.
We were not able to go into details as we needed to keep a limit to the number of polygons we could use for each structure at any given time in the game.  This is why the structures are very simple keeping only the very basic essence of the architecture by using the silhouettes. 
That's all for now. We will catch up again soon.

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