An open-world adventure game where you farm, collect stories, explore hidden inspirations, solve puzzles and make beautiful art. Personalize your Indian minature style paintings with hundreds of possible combinations by having a choice-based conversation with yourself in the game.

Explore a beautiful hand-painted watercolour world!

You play as Vir, a young boy living in a small village nestled among hills overlooked by the ruins of a palace. As you explore and talk to the quirky residents, you discover a wealth of stories about the kingdom long forgotten.

Beautifully hand painted world

Design your own paintings!

The look, feel and content of the paintings that you make depend on the choice based conversation that goes through Vir's mind as he sits down to paint. With hundreds of combinations possible, your paintings will be unique to you.

Go on an adventure!

Set up your farm, do fishing, explore the village, find hidden locations, solve puzzles and more in this open-world adventure game.


Key Art

The Palace on the Hill is designed and developed by Niku Games, a small indie studio based in India.

The game has been in development since 2019, with an expected time of launch in early 2022.

The art direction is by Mala Sen (Behance), programming by Mridul Kashatria (Stack Overflow) and the music is composed by Srikant Krishna (Spotify).

You can contact us on our Twitter, Discord Channel, or Email